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how to save money on dedicated hostingWhen it comes to business hosting it is all about quality. To achieve a top-level security and high-quality performance, I recommend to go with dedicated hosting. It can be expensive for growing businesses, but in a long run, this pays off.

What are the Different Types of Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting allows webmasters to rent the entire server to host their websites. The difference between dedicated hosting and other types of hosting is that the webmaster doesn’t have to share the resources on the server with other webmasters. This will increase the performance of your website so that the webpages load faster and the database has higher processing speed.
There are 3 types of dedicated hosting including unmanaged, semi managed and fully managed dedicated hosting.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting is completely managed by the webmaster. You must have experience to manage a dedicated server if you choose to sign up for an unmanaged hosting package. Webmasters who are knowledgeable in managing dedicated servers can save money in hiring IT staff. In an unmanaged hosting, you will receive limited help from the web host. If you need the web host to fix any issue on the server, you have to pay more fees. The advantage of an unmanaged dedicated hosting is that you can install any update or application on the server since you have the root access.

Managed dedicated hosting is suitable for newbie who don’t understand the different aspects of dedicated hosting server and need help in managing it. You will receive supports for different issues that may occur in your server. If you choose a fully managed server, all the issues will be handled by the web host. If you choose semi managed server, only certain issues will be handled according to the terms and conditions of the web hosting company. The disadvantage of managed dedicated hosting is that it is significantly more expensive than unmanaged dedicated hosting. Besides, you also will not be able to have root access to the server.

How to Save Money

Many dedicated hosting packages offer free billing systems that allows you to easily bill your customers. The dedicated hosting may also offer the option of a WHM or cPanel for customers. In order to cut expense associated with renting a dedicated server, you can always look for promo codes and various coupons offered online. I.e. the following GoDaddy Promo Code offers 35%, a BlueHost $3.95/month Coupon Code for shared hosting allows you to pay only half from advertised price and with HostGator Coupon you can host your site for 1 cent!

Dedicated hosting is suitable for online businesses that are expanding. If your traffic is growing, it will consume a lot of bandwidth. To handle the bandwidth consumption, you can move your website to a dedicated server. If your website is not receiving much traffic, you don’t have to buy a dedicated hosting package. Dedicated server offers higher security level compared to other hostings. It can run various types of databases including SQL, ColdFushion and etc. It supports programming languages such as CGI, PHP 5, Perl, and SSI. Besides, a dedicated server also supports frontpage extensions.

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